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What is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment is scheduled in August each year prior to the beginning of the Fall session. Parents are encouraged to attend Open Enrollment in order to review the class and fee schedules, visit with staff regarding proper placement of their child in skill level classes, shop the apparel displays, complete costume measurements, and finalize required dance school enrollment forms. However, because of COVID-19 safety procedures, we have implemented online enrollment anytime through our website! Check out our class schedule and enroll at your convenience.

Why do I need to attend Open Enrollment?

In order to avoid waiting in long lines during the first few weeks of the dance school year, and to make sure all questions are answered regarding your child's appropriate class placement, parents are strongly encouraged to attend Open Enrollment in August.
***See our online enrollment option this year due to COVID-19.

When do classes begin?

Fall classes begin Tuesday following the Labor Day holiday. Students are accepted for enrollment in classes based on availability of each class throughout the fall session. Classes fill quickly during Open Enrollment in August, and class options may be limited. Enrollment in regular classes will close following the Thanksgiving holiday. New classes will be available second semester starting January 1st. Students enrolled in second semester classes may not be allowed to participate in the year end recital due to costume ordering restrictions.

What are the dates of your dance school year?

Cathy's Creative Dance School's year is divided into two semesters. The first semester (Fall/Winter) runs September through January. Second semester (Winter/Spring) runs February through June ending with a year-end annual recital usually scheduled the third weekend in June.

What is your schedule of classes?

We offer classes Monday through Thursday, beginning at 5 pm. Please see our online enrollment for class schedule, age suggestions. Parents are invited to Email or Call the office to inquire about our class schedule and enrollment availability.

What are your office hours?

Office hours are Monday through Thursday, 5:30 to 8:30 pm.

What classes should my child take?

There are many options for beginning students. Children ages 2 to 5 should enroll in a Music and Movement or Preschool class. Children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade should enroll in a Combination Class. We also offer beginner classes in Hip Hop, Acrobatics, and Musical Theatre.

How often do classes meet?

All classes meet one night per week.

What is a Combo Class?

Combo classes are wonderful options for students new to the dance world. Students are given the opportunity to explore the disciplines of ballet, tap, and jazz at an introductory level during a 45 minute class.

What is the cost of classes?

You can pay the class tuition fees monthly, by semester or on a yearly basis. Discounts are available for families who pay yearly or by the semester. Class tuition fees are due by the first each month. Late fees are automatically applied to family accounts afer the 10th day of the month. 
Tuition fee for a 30 minute class is $40 per month. 
Tuition fee for a 45 minute class is $50 per month. 
Tuition fee for a 60 minute class is $60 per month.
One-half price tuition for second child.

Is there an enrollment fee?

Yearly enrollment fee is $30 for the first child in the family. Additional children are $10 each. Includes studio t-shirt.

Are parents allowed to watch classes?

Parents are allowed to watch classes during Parent Watch Weeks which are scheduled periodically throughout the dance school year. Many teachers allow parents to observe the last few minutes of classes upon request. Some students become distracted when visitors are present. Teachers require time to develop a rapport with their students. Students will be thrilled to perform the skills they have learned for their families during scheduled Parent Watch Weeks, Community performances, Christmas programs, and our annual recitals.

What is the dress code?

Female students are required to wear leotards, tights, and appropriate shoes for classes. A leotard is a one piece form fitting dance outfit that modestly covers the body allowing the student to leap, turn, kick, and flip as needed for all dance training. Tights are the leg covering that also allows the child's legs to be modestly covered yet have the flexibility to stretch and bend while performing dance skills. Students are expected to ear their hair pulled off the face. Male students are required to wear tight fitting t-shirts, jazz pants, and appropriate shoes.
In addition:
Music and Movement classes wear ballet shoes. 
Preschool students and Combo classes wear ballet and tap shoes.
All other classes require specific shoes per teacher request.

Where do I purchase dance apparel?

Cathy's Creative Dance School carries a variety of dance apparel including leotards, tights, ballet shoes, tap shoes, dance bags, t-shirts, hats, and shorts.

How does the dance school communicate with families?

Cathy's Creative Dance School communicates to families through monthly and weekly emails and newsletters. Teachers visit frequently with parents via emails. Updated information regarding special events and community performances is also posted on Cathys Creative Dance School Facebook and Twitter pages.

In the event of bad weather, are classes cancelled?

We make every effort to avoid the cancellation of classes due to inclement weather. Decisions to cancel classes are not based on school closings. Cancellation of classes will be determined after 4:30 pm and will be posted on Cathy's Creative Dance School Facebook page. We make every effort to reschedule make up classes in the event classes are cancelled due to weather. Students are allowed to make-up class in another class during the month. 

What are costume fees?

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the annual end of the year recital performance held in June. Costume fees are $70 for acrobatic classes, $70 for level 2 and under dance classes, and $75 for level 3 and above dance classes.

How often do students perform?

Non-competitive students have several opportunities to perform throughout the year including: Independence Halloween Parade, annual Cathy's Creative Dance School Christmas Show, the Independence Strawberry Festival, Independence Santa Cali Gon and Cathy's Creative Dance Recital in June. Dance is a celebration of music and movement! Participation in these performances allows students of dance to present the skills learned through dance to loving caring family members and friends.

My child wants to take ballet classes. What is ballet?

Ballet is the foundation of all dance disciplines. Pre-ballet instruction is included in all Preschool and Combo classes. Ballet instruction is physically and mentally challenging and requires intense training on a weekly basis. Cathy's Creative Dance School follows Dance Masters of America Ballet syllabus and the Cecchetti method of ballet training and examination.

Does your school offer gymnastics classes?

Our school offers acrobatic or tumbling classes. Our acrobatic students learn floor work, limber skills, aerial maneuvers and power tumbling. (Gymnastic instruction is the training of various skills on equipment including bars, beams, and trampolines which is not part of our acrobatic curriculum.)

What is MATS?

Cathy’s Creative Dance School is a member of the Mid America Tumbling Society (MATS). MATS is a competitive tumbling organization comprised of dance schools in the metro Kansas City area. Participation in MATS is for acrobatic students who want the opportunity to compete in yearly meets. Students participating in MATS competitions learn a compulsory routine, and compete with other students of similar age and skill level. Starting age is three years.

Are there competition classes?

There are two levels of competitive dance classes at Cathy’s Creative Dance School. STARS is a pre-troupe competitive dance class that meets one night per week. Students in STARS classes are in training to become members of the Cathy’s Show Troupe team. STARS students participate in one local dance competition per year.

Cathy’s Show Troupe is an Elite competition team for ages 6 to 18.  Students audition to be accepted as team members. Show Troupe participates in two to three competitions per year and attends national competitions every two years.

What are the qualifications of your staff?

Cathy's Creative Dance School has a staff of highly qualified and experienced dance educators. Our teachers have university dance degrees, state and national dance certifications, state education certifications, and/or have danced professionally in commercials, theater, stage and dance companies.

Whar are benefits of dance education?

Dance is an art, a physical activity, and a highly social activity. Children who participate in dance on a regular basis have significant overall improved physical health. In addition students who participate in dance perform better academically and score higher on standardized tests in math and science. 

Additional benefits of dance include:

-increased flexibility, strength and muscle tone

-improved stamina

-improved posture

-cardiovascular health and wellness

-improved communication skills

-awareness of beneficial nutritional choices

-decreased anxiety in social settings

-positive atmosphere for the development of creativity

-improved self-esteem

-improved academic performance

-development of time management skills

-an atmosphere for life-long learning 

-an appreciation for the arts

Are there options for Fundraising?

Parents have the option of contacting "For the Youth" -- a fundraising organization in the Independence area that supports the activities for the children in our community. Any funds you earn working with For the Youth can be used for dance class tuition fees, costumes, and shoes for your child.

Does Cathy's Creative Dance provide dance scholarships?

Cathy's Creative Dance provides opportunities for students to participate in educational events that award many students dance scholarships to dance intensives, professional dance programs, and acceptance into dance programs with dance scholarship assistance to colleges and universities. Students who have been members of Show troupe during their four years of high school are awarded a $500 scholarship to the college or university of their choice. Each year one student is awarded a full year ballet scholarship to attend Cathy's Creative Dance School, and one student is awarded a scholarship to attend the summer intensive program at Cathy's Creative Dance.

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